5 european countries for a total change of scenery

5 european countries for a total change of scenery

Europe has many of the best places in the world. The continent is full of beautiful and popular attractions that work together to build the amazing look of the large area. From incredible monuments, iconic natural scenery to beautiful cities and villages, you can discover all of that in Europe. The cultures and customs are also there to prove the amazing life of Europeans.

5 countries that you should visit

1. Croatia

It is one of the most visited countries for natural lovers. The country is famous for its stunning beaches that offer nice holidays almost throughout the year. Croatia also attracts many tourists for its heavenly islands and iconic natural landscapes.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most beautiful wild areas that give you great experiences during your visit in Croatia. The park is principally characterized by super-green forests and covers several terraced lakes, waterfalls. All of this makes Plitvice Lakes National Park really impressive. If you want to enjoy more the beauty of the place, you can hike all around the park and take beautiful photographs for an unforgettable holiday.

2. Switzerland

It cannot be hidden from the list of nature lovers' destinations. Visiting this country means that you are going to experience the breathtaking landscapes, high rise mountains, lush green grasslands, romantic unusual flowers and several stunning lakes.

Interlaken city is suggested for those who want to visit a big city with large nature experiences. The city is easy to join thanks to the large trail networks from almost all regions. It sits between two amazing lakes and is accessible by train. If you are a fan of hiking and climbing, you can take a tour at Alps peaks which gives incredible adventures thanks to its impressive look from the ground up.

3. Norway

Well-known for its greenery and nature, this country also welcomes a large number of nature tourists. With several hiking trails, unbelievable mountains, lakes and romantic waterfalls, quiet villages, a range of hills and midnight sun, this European country is perfect for anyone who wants to discover many of Europe's most beautiful sceneries.

In addition, Norway's largest fjords is Sognefjord are an adventurous destination for nature lovers. Go hiking and do some water activities if you want to find out more the natural beauty of Sognefjord.

4. Ireland

If you are looking for the best nature destinations in Europe, do not miss Ireland. It is a very beautiful country which has countless natural places for beautiful photographs. You will probably have a quite different life when visiting Ireland when it comes to natural attractions.

The most important place that nature lovers should not miss is the southwest part of Emerald Isle. The area looks unique with its large grasslands, amazing cliffs and many other green landscapes. Besides, Ireland also offers various experiences when you visit the isolated villages, colorful gardens, coastal hills, lakes and wild mountains.

5. Iceland

If you are a nature lover and looking for the best destination for a total change of scenery, this country is another country to travel. The biggest city of Iceland is Reykjavik which is home to innumerable natural wonders for the best holiday.

Hot springs, volcanic lakes, majestic mountains and several waterfalls are available for the visit in this amazing city. All this allows you to enjoy the beauty and the iconic vista of the nature. While spending time in the green landscapes of the country, there are a lot of amusing activities that you can do during your vacation, for examples hiking, trekking, biking, surfing, wild swimming, boat sailing and many others.

Plan your travel to discover the best natural landscapes of Europe

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